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WEEK 2 IN THE MTC: Letter 2 With Pictures

September 29, 2014

Hi Everyone!

So I have no idea what to write about to anyone...I hope it gets easier to think of things once I'm out in the field.. For now, I'll just write what I wrote in my journal last night:


This was our second Sunday in the MTC. It feels like I've been here forever. Today we had leadership meeting with the Branch Presidency. Afterwards we had Priesthood Meeting about Baptism by Elder Uriostegui and Elder Cruz. Then we learned about the atonement from Elder Brossa and Elder Falquez. 

I've learned from the MTC that it is human nature to find one person to blame all of the problems on, when really, everyone contributes. It's easy to find a scapegoat and blame everything on them, but that's EXACTLY the opposite of what Christ would do. It's hard to not blame others, but we should always focus on serving others and through that service, we will learn to love.

I watched "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar again tonight. It really is life changing. It completely changed my mind set for my mission. He said things like, "your mission is not about you!" Which I've heard hundreds of times here, but he said it in a way that really stuck.

Some things he said that really stuck with me were: (not exact quotes)

1) It's much more important who you are and what you are, than what you say.

2) He likened the Natural Man to the Cookie Monster. "I want cookie!" "I want cookie NOW!" and when he gets the cookie, he eats it as fast as he can. The Natural Man is selfish. The Natural man is an enemy to God.

3) Christ ALWAYS "turns out," meaning, he thinks of other people, when the Natural Man would turn in, meaning, he thinks of himself and looks for recognition. (Elder Bednar shared tons of stories showing the love Christ showed to others, mostly from the New Testament.)

4) Conversion is turning away from the Natural man. Conversion is so much more than just having a testimony. Once converted, you will NEVER fall away.

Elder Bednar talked about a ton of other things as well, but that's what stood out the most for me tonight. I hope I have more opportunities in the future to rewatch that talk.

I also had a chance to listen to Stephen B. Allen talk, before Elder Bednar. I'm pretty sure he is the Director of the mission Dept. Some things that suck with me were:

1) DON'T COAST through your mission.

2) If you don't have a strong testimony, or you feel like your prayers are going unanswered, the key is to pray with REAL INTENT. Not only with real intent to learn and grow, but with the intent to act on promptings and do what the Lord asks us to. If we don't intend to act on promptings, the Lord WON'T prompt us!

3) If you are not sure why you're on a mission, or if you aren't 100% committed... Pray to God for forgiveness and strength. Repent and he will provide you with what you need.

One more thing that Elder Bednar said was something along the lines of missionaries always thinking of themselves. He said, "Who cares what you want!? The Natural Man, that's who! Missionary work, is NOT ABOUT YOU!" He emphasized that it doesn't matter if you're having success or not, get over yourself and just do what you've been called to do! 
It was very powerful.

Also, tonight I say goodbye to my first companion, Elder Flores! He leaves for Bakersfield, California tomorrow at 3:30 am! I'll be companions with Elder Juarez tomorrow! And tomorrow is my last day in the MTC! I have mixed feelings about that."
Ok, so that was my journal entry. haha, I know it was really long and you might not have read it (cause I probably wouldn't have...) but that gives you something to read. Have a good week everyone! I will write on Mondays from now on!

There is like a seamstress here who does alterations and things! It's in main campus, so it’s really inconvenient to go get things fixed. 

I don't care about the blog. You can make one if you want. I haven't really had time to write a group email, and I don't even know what I would say, haha. 

Oh, and about the people going to my mission. All the missionaries in my district are going to California except one who is going to Florida. Two sisters are going to Santa Rosa, the rest to different missions. Apparently there are 24 missionaries traveling to Santa Rosa tomorrow with me, so there are tons of us, but I haven't met any of them. I have heard of 6 Hermanas here in west campus who are going. No Elders. Does that make sense? There could also be a lot of other languages going to my mission from main campus. I guess I'll see tomorrow!

Elder Butterfield

Hey, I’m just letting you know that I'll be calling tomorrow morning! We leave the MTC at 4:35am. I don't know what time we'll be calling... maybe 5:30-8:00? I'm not sure. I'll call your cell phone! 


Eating chocolate chip cookies sent from Mom.

With the Elders in my District at the Provo Temple. Elder Brossa (from Spain) and Elder Falquez (from Ecuador/Sunset, Utah) are part of a trio with Elder Juarez (from Guatemala/Las Vegas), me (Elder Butterfield) and my companion, Elder Flores (from Mexico).

With my MTC teacher.

My First Companion, Elder Flores. 

Me, Elder Flores and Elder Juarez.

With my companion, Elder Flores, and the Hermanas in my District. Two of the Hermanas are going to my mission.

My MTC Branch President and Me.

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